Can a DUI be Expunged in Ohio?

Unfortunately, in the state of Ohio, you cannot have a criminal charge of operating a motor vehicle under the influence expunged. This means that it remains part of your permanent record. Expunging is a legal process, which if granted in Ohio means that all traces and mention of your conviction would be removed from the public record and court files and your case sealed. It should not come up on a background check. You can see how valuable this process could be to someone who wants to get back on their feet and start fresh.

A DUI Tarnishes Your Record, but it Can Also Damage Your Life

However, Ohio does not allow for expunging DUIs or OVIs. This can affect your life in many ways.

  • Employment: Having a DUI on your record can prevent your from getting the job you want. It can also affect the job you have. Some employers, such as those in transportation-based industries, may fire you if you get a DUI. Furthermore, a DUI can pose problems for certain professions and professional licenses, such as those for doctors and lawyers. Held to a high standard, lawyers and doctors could face censure from their licensing boards or be prevented from or delayed in getting those licenses.
  • Admission: A DUI conviction can prevent or delay entry into educational institutions and the military.
  • Travel: You could face restrictions in traveling to other countries.
  • Insurance: Your insurance rates are bound to go up.
  • Family: An OVI or DUI on your record can be a hurdle in adoptions, custody battles, and ability to transport children.

What Can You Do if Expunging is Not an Option?

You should contact an attorney first thing. There are many ways to approach a problem, so remember that just because you can't expunge it does not mean all is lost. Getting an experienced attorney can show you what other options are available to mitigate the damage the charge does to your life.

One way trusted DUI criminal defense attorney can help you is to seek lessened charges and reduced punishments. Many factors go into how you can be sentenced including whether or not you are a repeat offender, the circumstances of the arrest, the strength of the state's evidence, and even potentially mitigating personal facts about yourself. An attorney would need to sit down with you talk in great depth about not only everything surrounding the arrest and the charge, but also get to know you as a person. After finding out your story and digging in to what the state has in terms of evidence, your attorney can anticipate potential roadblocks and spot openings in order to find the best paths forward you could take.

A Trusted Columbus, Ohio Criminal Law Attorney is Your Best Defense

I work with clients to get them the best result possible in sticky situations. This means a trusted partnership where my client trusts me enough to be open with me and know that I am on their side and where I fight for their side no matter what. Contact me today at 614-263-5297 or fill out my online form for a free, confidential consultation so we can get started.

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