Criminal Law

Do not wait until the State has filed charges to get a lawyer.    The best time for legal advice is before law enforcement even investigates you.   If you have been charged with a crime or may be charged with a crime, you need to talk to an attor… Read More

Types of Criminal Charges

Criminal charges can be separated into three categories: infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies.  The different classifications are separated by the seriousness of the offense and the amount of punishment given to a person found guilty of the charg… Read More


The state of Ohio classifies misdemeanor offenses into five categories: first, second, third, fourth, and minor misdemeanors. Below you will find information about the various levels of misdemeanors. Petty theft would be an example of a first degree… Read More


Felonies carry harsher penalties than misdemeanors. Ohio classifies felony offenses into five categories: first, second, third, fourth, and fifth degree felonies. Below you will find information about the various levels of felonies. If you are facing… Read More

OVI - Drunk Driving

In Ohio, an DUI, legally referred to as a OVI is a serious offense. Wolfe Legal Services has 24 years of experience as a Columbus OVI Lawyer.  If you have charged with DUI or OVI, it is important for you to know your rights. Not knowing your option… Read More


Being charged with an DUI or OVI carries serious penalties.  Contact our Columbus DUI lawyer today, who has 20 years of experience as a Columbus DUI Lawyer. Administrative License Suspension If you take an alcohol test and you over the limit, or if… Read More

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes in Columbus, Ohio can range from misdemeanors with minimal penalties to felonies with harsh punishments.  Drug offenses can also be charged as federal offenses under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). If you are charged with a drug cri… Read More

Theft Offenses

Theft is a serious crime and being charged with theft can be scary. Theft can be a misdemeanor or felony. In Columbus Ohio, the consequences of theft can include monetary fines and/or time in prison. If you have been charged with a theft offense, con… Read More

Violent Crimes

A violent crime is a crime in which an individual uses or threatens force upon a victim. If you are charged with a violent crime, you could be facing years in prison. If that is the case, you need to contact a knowledgeable Columbus defense attorne… Read More

Estate Planning

George Wolfe believes that every family should be able to enjoy the peace of mind and security that comes from careful planning and expert advocacy. In times of loss and death you also need an experienced advocate. If you need a Columbus estate plann… Read More


When you are coping with the loss of a loved one, added burdens handling the estate can be hard to bear.  At Wolfe Legal Services we are here for you if you need a Columbus probate attorney serving all Central Ohio. What Is Probate and Why Do I Ne… Read More
Attorneys: George M. Wolfe

Probate Assets vs Non-Probate Assets

People often think of a Will as the all-encompassing document that says what happens to their stuff immediately after they die. However, this is not true. Some of your assets go directly to their intended beneficiaries as soon as you die. The rest o… Read More


When a person is incapable of handling his affairs and day to day life, a court may appoint a guardian to be responsible for his financial and personal matters. The duties of the guardian can be complex and the process of getting guardianship can be… Read More

Family Law

We understand that matters involving family issues can be stressful. For 24 years, Wolfe Legal Services, has been dedicated to providing legal aid to individuals, couples and families facing divorce and other family law matters in the Columbus, Ohio… Read More

LGBT Rights

Wolfe Legal Services provides Ohio attorneys for LGBT parenting, including adoption and foster parenting, by individuals and couples, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, marital status, political belief… Read More

Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is not easy for any of the parties involved.  In addition to being emotionally draining, going through a divorce can be frightening because of all the uncertainty related to the road ahead.  George Wolfe Legal Services has 20 years of exper… Read More

Real Estate

Buying a home or commercial property is often the biggest purchase you will ever make.   You therefore need exact contract language, lien research, and advice on required disclosures.  Hiring a real estate attorney can help you make sure all the r… Read More

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In 2020, the Franklin County Court was facing an influx of eviction cases and created a new law that would make it possible for you to get rid of your eviction record. Read More
Currently, the Ohio Revised Code is not updated to match the new Federal laws that protect same-sex marriage. Read More